Rugged Point Halibut Fishing Lodge

Rugged Point – Every Angler’s Favourite Halibut Fishing Lodge!

When it comes to the best halibut fishing lodge on the West Coast – Rugged Point Lodge is THE halibut destination!

A firm, white fish with a mild and delicious flavour, halibut is a very popular catch on the West Coast of BC. And, because no fishing trip to the Pacific coastal waters is complete without a big catch of halibut, Rugged Point Lodge is THE halibut fishing lodge of choice.

And it just doesn’t get any better than on scenic Kyuquot Sound on the beautiful west coast of Vancouver Island. The simple fact is that these waters offer some of the most productive and fertile halibut fishing ground anywhere.

Did you know? At our premier halibut fishing lodge…

… all of our guests catch their limit of Halibut! This is why with complete confidence we can assure you that a halibut fishing trip to Rugged Point Lodge is sure to be your angling adventure of a lifetime.

We offer an experience of breathtaking and pristine Kyuquot Sound that is truly unparalleled. We take you to the best fishing. Our guides help you explore the most productive of halibut fishing grounds – sandy flats, reefs, and rugged bottoms. During the winter months, halibut spawn the deep water. The rest of the year, they stick to their migratory patterns, feeding on plentiful smaller fish, crabs, and other invertebrates. They travel areas where they can find food most easily – where fish and crabs tend to hide.

We fish for halibut in waters that range from 25 feet to 2500 feet deep! But, don’t expect it to be easy – a halibut caught and pulled from a hundred feet down doesn’t submit without a fight! No matter the size, the halibut is a very strong and powerful fish. Even a smaller halibut of 20 pounds or so is powerful enough to tear the line from your reel. This incredible strength just means you’ll enjoy the extra satisfaction and exhilaration of landing such a brute. You’ll be exhausted – in the best possible way!

Store your catch! When you package it properly, frozen halibut will last for many months after your trip.

Halibut fishing at Rugged Point Lodge

What is it about Rugged Point Lodge that makes halibut fishing so uniquely enjoyable? There’s the otherworldly location, of course. And, the best fishing grounds available. But, even more importantly, our fishing guides = your greatest catch!

Our expert team of Rugged Point Lodge guides, licensed and fully trained, provide the most in-depth local experience and knowledge. They bring real-world know-how to halibut fishing. Our guides understand the best places and ways to find these fish, the largest flatfish on the planet.

In a nutshell, here’s why we’re the best halibut fishing lodge:

  • All of our fishing trips are fully guided. Expert fishing guides, with a ton of local knowledge and expertise, know where and how to go deep in pursuit of halibut.
  • Our guides know numerous productive fishing spots ranging from 130 – 300 ft deep.
  • While halibut fishing, we anchor. All of our fishing boats are equipped with a third downrigger for a chum bag, two-speed reels and top of the line Okuma 6’ 6” rods. We provide all the gear you need!
  • Our goal is always to catch the best halibut possible within the legal size limits.
  • The local waters are among the most consistent saltwater fisheries in this part of the world – almost every trip offers a great catch!
  • We expect you to go home ready to fill your empty freezer!

Ready to book the angling adventure of a lifetime? FIND OUT MORE about a fishing trip at Rugged Point halibut fishing lodge!